Alaa Alsaraji

Illustration Editor, Web Designer

Mahamed Abdullahi


Zainab Rahim

Non-Fiction Editor

Aneesha Hussain


Nadine Almanasfi

Fiction Editor

Bayan Goudarzpour

Poetry Editor

Nishat Alam

Photography Editor

Hareem Ghani


Warda Khokhar

Non-Fiction Editor

 We are 
 Khidr Collective 

Khidr Collective is a UK-based multidisciplinary arts collective which curates and platforms the work of Muslim artists.


We also collaborate with writers, poets, illustrators, filmmakers, photographers and creatives more broadly to produce original work.

You can engage with our work through the Khidr Collective Zine, a biannual print publication, as well as our online platform and social media channels. 


“If you're tired of reading the experiences of men and women who look like you and feeling like your shit has been co-opted, assimilated, distorted, pacified, neutralized and told through a gaze that was never ever your own, then you must stop what you are doing and read Khidr.”

- Madani Younis, Creative Director of the Southbank Centre