All My Heroes Were Peacocks 

By Jamal Mehmood
Visual Poem 

The first heroes I had were peacocks,

Brylcreem hair for feathers,

All silver tongue and no respect


Jamal Mehmood’s new visual-poem, All My Heroes Were Peacocks explores the story of young British Asian boys coming of age in an era of flamboyant role models.  The poem reflects on the age of adolescent uncertainty as a time where respectability is abandoned and instead, being cavalier is in vogue.  


The young boy is played beautifully by Ahmed Mustafa and the piece is co-directed, shot and edited by Abu B Yillah. The film is scored by producer Rui Da Silva who has worked on a number of similar visual-poems with writers such as former Channel 4 Playwright in Residence, Zia Ahmed, and former Young People’s Laureate, Caleb Femi.