• Khidr Collective

Announcing Khidr Zine 4: Water!

Hello friends! We have been quiet for a while but pleased to be active again and excited to announce the theme for the Khidr Collective Zine, Issue Four: Water!

A source of life and death. A tool of coercion and control. Water is indispensable. It traverses time and carries memory. We’ve gazed into it entranced by its beauty, and we’ve sought immortality from it. We use it for our daily ablution, and we cleanse our loved ones with it as they move from this world to the next. Our ancestors crossed mountains searching for it, its seas have been split for salvation, it has formed the Middle Passage of unimaginable suffering, and our contemporaries still fight to access its pure form.

We are looking for fiction, non-fiction, visual art and more, to pay homage to the essence of existence: water. We are particularly looking for unconventional art forms and encouraging creative approaches to this prompt.

We want to feature:

  • Fiction writing (e.g. short stories, short plays, monologues)

  • Non-fiction writing (e.g. personalised essays, historical/research-based essays, interviews, reviews, biographies, ‘how-to’ guides, recipes)

  • Poetry

  • Art and illustrations (e.g. sketches, paintings, collages)

  • Photography

  • Visual essays

  • Comics

  • Images of art in other mediums (e.g. textiles, sculpture)

  • Multimedia content (e.g. moving image, music)

To submit, please email with the subject line, “Khidr Collective Zine: Issue 4 Submission”. Please also fill out and attach the ‘Contributor details’ form.

Read our contributor guidelines for more information about submitting your content!

Deadline: Monday 15 June 2020.

– KC