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Khidr Zine 4 is here!

Hi friends!

We’re delighted to finally introduce you to our fourth issue: WATER

In many ways, this edition was our pandemic companion: catching us in a unique moment between isolation and reflection. In April last year we published our callout for #KhidrZine4 and the submissions we received blew us away in their breadth and creativity.

So here we are, the icing on the cake. After months of evening meetings, Zoom calls and last minute Whatsapp messages, we finally present to you 128 pages of personalised essays, interviews, fiction, illustrations, photography and multimedia art exploring our relationship with water.

In Issue Four, we look at how water transports our personal memories, influences our practice, and affects some of our political structures. We look at the manifestation of water in our daily lives, the comfort it provides to those who are suffering, and the mercy it carries when it falls from the skies.

We’re so excited to be featuring work by the following writers and artists addressing the climate crisis, flows of migration, water-based rituals, the body and more:

Amira Elwakil Zia Ahmed Alaa Kassim

Bint Mbareh Alaa Alsaraji Aman Aheer

Fatimah Mohamied Anusheh Zia Fatma Heiba

Hamza Beg Delafarin Sharifi Hamja Ahsan

Iman Sultan Estabrak Khadija Said

Warda Khokhar Kaamil Ahmed m. hussein

Hadyeh Elahinia Maaria Lohiya Maha Yassin

Lola Olufemi Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann Moustafa Hassan

Rhys Hughes Rehan Jamil Nadia Dada

Fathima Zahra Sharmaarke Ali Adan Nur Hannah Wan

Hibaq Osman Zainab Rahim Rawan Abbas

Rakaya Fetuga Abu Nur Zahra Marwan

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We really hope you enjoy the Water Issue. Let us know what you think on social media @khidrcollective #KhidrZine4!