Selected Comics 

In 2018, we commissioned two young, British Muslim artists and illustrators to create satirical responses to negative media around Muslims through comic form. 


A Day In The Life Of Sarah Champion

By  Kumail Rizvi

Kumail Rizvi responded to the statements made by Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion about Pakistani men 'raping and exploiting white girls’. Kumail uses Sarah’s actual comments in his comic.  

Daily Wail

Nasima (creator of @Moosleemargh) responded to the furore around a Muslim foster carer allegedly refusing a child pork.

By  Nasima

Tales of a Bog-Standard Evening

By  Kumail Rizvi

Tales of the Native Informant: Featuring Maj, the Clown 


By  Derkan Dogan

You can see more of Nasima’s work here:

You can see more of Kumail Rizvi’s work here: