Zine submissions 


A source of life and death. A tool of coercion and control. Water is indispensable. It traverses time and carries memory. We’ve gazed into it entranced by its beauty, and we’ve sought immortality from it. We use it for our daily ablution, and we cleanse our loved ones with it as they move from this world to the next. Our ancestors crossed mountains searching for it, its seas have been split for salvation, it has formed the Middle Passage of unimaginable suffering, and our contemporaries still fight to access its pure form.


We are looking for fiction, non-fiction, visual art and more, to pay homage to the essence of existence: water. We are particularly looking for unconventional art forms and encouraging creative approaches to this prompt. 


Deadline: Monday 15th June 2020 


To submit a contribution to Issue 4, please read through our Contributor Guidelines (download here) and fill out the Contributor Details Form (download here). Please send your submission and the completed Contributor Details Form to zine@khidrcollective.co.uk 

Online Submissions 

Khidr Words - Submission Guidelines

The Khidr Collective is now welcoming submissions for our new digital platform Khidr Words.  


If you’re familiar with our zine, you’ll know we seek to push the boundaries of publishing and Khidr Words is no different. If you are thinking of submitting, don’t hold back; we encourage all of our contributors to experiment with both the content and format they submit. Please do take the time to familiarise yourselves with some of the pieces that have already been published online.

We’re open to non-fiction writing including personalised essays, historical and research-based essays, interviews, reviews, cultural critique and profiles (2,500 words max).


General Tips & Guidance 

Though there are no requirements or academic qualifications needed to contribute to Khidr Online, we have put together general guidance for those wishing to submit:


1. Think of your piece as a conversation starter: In the current political climate, we routinely consume and promote watered down, binary and compartmentalised versions of our own histories, identities and experiences. Some of these narratives are invariably contentious, both within our own communities and within the eyes of the state. It is therefore necessary to remember that your piece is part of a long-term and ongoing conversation to deconstruct these narratives.


2. Use language that is accessible: In order to remain accessible to our young and diverse readership, please bear in mind that some terms are only understood within particular spaces (e.g. university settings, activist circles or otherwise). If you are using specialist language or terminology, make sure it’s properly defined so that our readers can engage with the content. Similarly, for all artwork, please provide a short description or introduction.


3. Work with us: As part of our vision, we want to build, nurture and support a network of Muslim artists and expand the Khidr family. If you want to pitch a piece before submitting, discuss an idea or develop it further, please do not hesitate to get in touch and someone from our editorial team will respond to you.

Khidr Visual - Submission Guidelines

We welcome submissions for Khidr Visual - Khidr Collective’s online platform for visual content. If you are thinking of contributing, please have a look at some of the pieces online first to get a better idea of what we publish.

We are looking for anything from photography essays, art series, comics, animation and moving image.  Please submit a minimum of one paragraph of supporting text, explaining concept and context along with the meidum of your work.



How to Submit


To submit, simply email us at Online@KhidrCollective.co.uk with your contribution, alongside the completed “Contributor details” form (download here) . If any files / images you are sending are too large to send in an email, please let us know and we will share our Dropbox details with you.

Please note: For written submissions please submit in Microsoft Word (.docx) format and for images use JPEG.