Zine submissions 


Memes, food, daytime raves, abolishing work, thinking about what exists beyond this world, the destruction of the imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy, intimate moments in all their shapes and forms. What brings you joy?

We want to remember those moments, thoughts, things, the people and places that make you want to freeze and bottle time; the ideas, beliefs and dreams that are as sweet and sticky as candy floss, no matter how big or small, extraordinary or mundane, political or personal. 


We want to know how you find and express joy. We are particularly looking for unconventional art forms and encouraging creative approaches to this prompt. 


Deadline: Sunday 10th July 2022 


To submit a contribution to Issue 5, please read through our Contributor Guidelines (download here) and fill out the Contributor Details Form. Please send your submission to zine@khidrcollective.co.uk 

Online submissions 

We are not accepting submissions for online content while we update our website. Thank you for your patience!

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