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The Khidr Collective core team is a small group of unpaid artists, writers and editors who produce the biannual print zine and curate other projects and events. We ensure, however, that all contributors and commissions to the Khidr Collective Zine and Khidr Online are paid. 


Our work supports aspiring Muslim artists in the UK & internationally and we are looking to grow in producing new and exciting work through the Khidr Collective Zine, short film, photography and other digital projects. All your support will help us sustain us as artists, pay the artists and creatives we commission and help us create new and exciting projects.  

How you can support us 

Make a one-off donation via PayPal

We have a lot of people, organisations and collectives we are thankful to, from in-kind support of arts organisations and buildings to the practical funding and resource provided by Trusts and Foundations.  Our work would not be possible without the financial, emotional and practical support of these organisations and people.




Special gratitude to:


Shaykh Omar for your constant prayers.


Madani Younis for your unwavering support and advice.


Farzana Khan for your love and guidance at the very beginning.  




Thank you to the artists who came before us, who were never canonized or given the platforms you deserved.  

We stand on your shoulders.