The Moon Is A Meme 

By Zain Dada , Zia Ahmed , originally commissioned by Free Word 
Visual Poem 

this country opens its browser

it will

- remember history

- never remember history

- use custom settings for history


The Moon Is A Meme is a visual poem written by former Channel 4 Playwright in residence, Zia Ahmed.  The film explores the insidiousness of surveillance and policing of Black, brown and working class communities. The piece deftly explores the joy of living in London but the parallel frustrations of surviving in it.


The Moon Is A Meme is directed by Khidr Collective Co-founder, Zain Dada, and co-produced by Film Pill, the production company behind Lowkey’s Ghosts of Grenfell. The short film was scored by Rui Da Silva and commissioned by Free Word as part of its This Is Private season in Autumn 2018.  You can check out Free Word’s current seasonal programming here:


You can follow Zia on Twitter @ZiaSighs and Rui @ProducedByDA .  You can also see more of Zain’s work here: